Ingeniuus are a software company skilled in the development of intuitive software systems and the creation of mobile interfaces to these systems. We combine the best in user interface design with robust and secure technology. We deploy these solutions to the Cloud and provide associated technical services.


Even with the investment in infrastructure and technical innovations, it is still the case that you cannot guarantee you will have a mobile phone signal and internet connectivity throughout your day.

We can’t always assume network coverage, we have to think offline-first.


Ingeniuus are specialists in developing mobile applications that think offline-first. This ensures any data captured locally is stored locally until a connection is available, removing the risk of corrupted data or a wasted journey to collect data. Our apps take full advantage of the internet when it is available but still provide maximum value and functionality when it is not.

When multiple users are updating data remotely, which one becomes the most current and correct when they sync to the database? We design user interfaces that take into account both online and offline states and anticipate the data sync issues of multiple concurrent users.

Using offline-first for a ‘new build’ software project makes sense but what about a project requiring the secure connection of an offline-first mobile app to an existing legacy back-end?

To overcome this challenge we came up with a clever solution.

The Ingeniuus Platform

Many organisations have an existing software system for which they would like to enable mobile access. Often though these older, legacy systems don’t lend themselves to having a mobile front-end applied to them.

This can be for many reasons;

  • The security risks around giving existing users login access via a mobile platform are too great
  • Extra traffic to existing APIs can slow down or cause problems with existing applications
  • Reskilling for mobile in-house development is expensive, and can be a risky learning exercise
  • Taking existing developers off of other projects can create backlogs on current work

Ingeniuus have developed ‘The Ingeniuus Platform’ to ensure the secure two-way flow of data and management information from your legacy system to a mobile app. The Ingeniuus Platform also deals with user authentication (logins) and data security. It also speeds up data delivery to mobile users.

Our Approach


We use our experience of security through the years to ensure that your data is not vulnerable either at rest or in transit, thus why we choose trusted partners such as Microsoft for hosting.

Data at Rest

When your data is at rest it is stored in the Cloud. This ensures your data integrity is maintained and we can scale the application to make your data available worldwide if required.


Our offline-first approach ensures that data collected is secured locally before being synced with the cloud, and that your users have the latest data when there is network connectivity.


As you see your solution developing, your requirements will change and evolve. They always do. It’s the nature of software development. So rather than have a rigid development plan, we adopt an agile approach. This means that we provide frequent releases to ensure that you can see progress and we can discuss any changes required. In some cases this could mean having a working, revenue-generating minimum viable product months before the product launch.

We work with you to overcome issues as they arise and deliver value as early as possible.


Businesses evolve. Requirements evolve and software should also evolve. That’s why we don’t see an end point to the solution we deliver you. We see it as phases. Phase one will give you a solution to the issue we discussed when we first met. Thereafter we will continue to talk with you. To look at your longer-term strategy and the needs of your business and how we can provide and grow software solutions to support your strategy.

We are Ingeniuus – Making Technology Work

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